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Protecting your business goes beyond securing the door and safeguarding your files-you need to look after your property, too. With commercial roofing services from a team of professionals, your location can be safe from the elements.

Carolina Restoration Solutions, LLC is your go-to crew for commercial roofing work in Wilmington, NC. If you want to replace your roof, repair areas of your roof or get a GacoRoof sealing treatment, count on us to do the job.

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Top 3 advantages to getting GacoRoof service

Top 3 advantages to getting GacoRoof service

Why do a full commercial roofing job when you can seal it instead? Three of the biggest benefits of GacoRoof sealing treatments include:

  • Leak protection - the silicone material fully seals every crack.
  • Permanent ponding - water will always pool safely on top of your building.
  • Cost savings - GacoRoof service can save you from costly repairs.

GacoRoof coating qualifies as a business expense for your organization, saving you more money compared to installing a whole new roof. Talk to Carolina Restoration Solutions now to get started on your commercial roofing services in Wilmington, NC.